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PE film is polyethylene film. It is used as heat seal layer for food packaging. PE film has excellent heat resistance, and is widely used in various applications.

Four types: BOPE, MDOPE, PE, strech PE

1. BOPE film
general type
matt ype
anti-fog type

high toughness, high transparency, good printability

2. MDOPE film
general type

Features: high toughness, high transparency, good printability high heat resistance
Barrier film available: PVA coated, SiOx coated
3. PE film
Three types: packaging film, industry film, protection film
Barrier film available: PVA coated

PE packaging film
 general type
 highly transparent type
 anti-static type
 retort Type
 low temperature seal type
 high toughness type
 easy open type (easy tear, easy peel)
 milky white type
 black and white type
 agrochemical packaging
 toothpaste packaging
 potato chipspackaging
 Aluminum deposition
 liquid packaging
 rice packaging
 powder packaging
 tissue packaging
 oil packaging
 barrier film: PVA coated

・PE industry film
 FFS Heavy Bag
 heat shrink film
 anti-rust film
 release Film
 protective film
 self-adhesive film (without adhesive)
 stretch hood Film (cold shrink film)

・ PE protection film
 color: transparent, white, black, blue, yellow, green,
 peeling force: light peeling, medium peeling, heavy peeling
 printing: 4 colors can be printed

 furniture protection
 aluminum sheet protection
 carpet protection
 window and glass protection
 stainless steel protection
 door protection
 acrylic sheet protection
 electrical appliance surface protection
 plastic sheets protection

4. Stretch PE film
 manual winding type
 machine winding type 
 colored Type
 small handle type
 pasture packing type