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Leadership & learning

We invest about $1 Million every year on training and education programs for the people of SG. The results can be measured in the increasing leadership capabilities of our own people and ultimately in the value and opportunity generated for our customers and their communities.

Entry-level leadership programs
SG's Corporate Entry-level Leadership Programs offer recent college graduates prized development opportunities that combine real-world experience with formal classroom study. Through a series of rotating assignments — typically over a period of two years — young professionals receive accelerated professional development, world-class mentors, and global networking that cuts across GE's businesses.

Experienced leadership programs
Experienced professionals who wish to accelerate their careers find fitting opportunity in our Experienced Leadership Programs. The programs position high-potential talent in collaboration with some of the top innovators in their fields, offering intensive on-the-job development in the areas of Corporate Audit, Human Resources and Sales and Marketing.

Leadership development center
At SG, learning is a cultural force and Crotonville is its epicenter. For more than 15 years, the legendary Leadership Center has been at the forefront of real-world application for cutting-edge thinking in organizational development, leadership, innovation and change.

The Crotonville campus attracts the world's brightest and most influential minds in academia and business. Every year, for hundreds of our people from entry-level employees to our highest-performing executives, a journey to Crotonville is something of a pilgrimage — a transformative learning experience that, for many, becomes a defining career event.

The facility's meandering outdoor walkways and recreation areas were designed to encourage exploration and spontaneous connection with other learners. Its very structure is a reinforcement of what is best about learning at SG: authentic human connection coupled with the invigorating pursuit of ideas.

Today the Leadership Center continues its legacy, serving as a powerful organizational force that commissions each of our employees with an important reminder: to never stop learning.