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Working environment

 Our employees’ performance can only flourish in a sound work environment.
That is why SG is committed to supporting its leadership culture through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain employee and partner privacy, and assure employee health and safety.

Operating with integrity
How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves. SG seeks to lead in workplace and marketplace integrity by respecting the human rights of everyone touched by our business, and by enforcing legal and financial compliance.

These commitments are detailed in our integrity policy, The Spirit & The Letter, which every employee supports with a signed pledge. They are further enabled by our ombudsperson process, which encourages any employee to report integrity concerns without fear of reprisal.

Work and life balance
Naturally, the passion that our people bring to their work extends to their own private worlds, and SG is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the two. SG encourages our people to meet their work commitments while balancing their own life responsibilities.

To support this balance, flexible work arrangements are an integral part of the way we conduct business. SG also offers many programs and resources to support employees including financial management, family counseling and more.